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7720 shedhorn dr. , unit c

Bozeman MT 59718



  •  Aether Tattoo Club opened in Spring of 2016. Our mission is to provide Bozeman Montana with a high end custom tattoo studio. The goal of Aether Tattoo Club is to create an environment of motivated artists while sustaining a comfortable, safe and fun atmosphere
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In order to book an appointment, we do require a $50 CASH ONLY NON-REFUNDABLE deposit, so please come into the shop to have a consultation first! We do walk-ins when we have availability, and most of our artists have continuous availability and booking!!!! THE FASTEST WAY TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT IS TO COME DOWN TO THE SHOP WITH YOUR DEPOSIT!

Olivia Hogan books in blocks, which she announces on our face book page here: https://www.facebook.com/aethertattooclub/

or her instagram page found here: https://www.instagram.com/olivetattoos/

She can also be reached at the shop at 406-624-0432 or by email at olivetattoos406@gmail.com

Your email should include.

  • design (with visual references if you have them)

  • placement and size (in inches)

  • if you prefer black and grey or color

  • a general budget (if you have one)

  • your contact information

Ashley Wiesel specializes in black and grey and realism. To schedule a consultation with her come into the shop with a deposit, or email ashleyweiseltattoos@gmail.com  

Gregg Quinn is a traditional tattooer who always has designs available to be tattooed! he takes walk ins every week, but to schedule an appointment with him email him at gquinntattoos@gmail.com or come down to the shop with your deposit!

John Warren is nearing the end of his apprenticeship with us, to book with him come don to the shop with your deposit or he can be reached at the shop at 406-624-0432 or at his email dizmaljw@gmail.com.

cancellations/ rescheduling

Cancellations will result in the forfeiture of your deposit. You will have to put down another deposit if you want to book again. This applies if you fail to show up to your appointment as well. 

Reschedule policies are artist specific, so please inquire with the person doing your tattoo! 


For best results in healing your tattoo please follow these instructions!

  • remove your bandage after 2-4 hours. for saniderm wait 24-48 hours

  • thoroughly but gently clean the surface of your tattoo with warm water and non scented soap, removing any build up of ink and plasma

  • pat dry (don't wipe!) with a clean paper towel

  • gently apply a thin layer of non-scented, non-additive lotion such as lubriderm or aveeno. make sure the lotion absorbs into your skin, you don't want a visible layer on top of your new tattoo

  • repeat washings and applying lotion two to three times per day for the duration of the healing period (usually between 10 and 14 days)

  • during the healing period your tattoo will start to peel, let the skin slough off on it's own, do not pick at your peeling tattoo!

  • it will also start to itch as the skin starts to heal itself, this can be very annoying but resist the urge to scratch!

  • showers are great! baths, hot tubs, swimming pools, saunas and hot springs should be avoided for the duration of the healing period. a good rule of thumb is 14 days.

  • keep your new tattoo out of the sun for the duration of the healing period! sunscreen will prolong the life of your tattoo but only after it's done healing! avoid tanning beds while your tattoo is still healing, but know that tanning beds are bad for tattoos in general.

  • do not for any reason re-wrap your tattoo while it's healing. your tattoo needs an ample amount of oxygen to heal properly!

  • don't let other people touch your healing tattoo

  • wear clean, loose fitting clothing in the area where your tattoo is.

if you have any questions or concerns regarding your healing tattoo don't hesitate to contact us! 

YOUR FIRST TOUCH UP IS FREE, SHOULD YOU NEED IT. please make sure you schedule your touch up within THREE MONTHS of the original tattoo date, to ensure all ink is settling in and aging at the same rate. any touch up done after this period will require an artist specific touch up fee.